Casual Living

Selected Performances:
June 4 2016- Elevate the Arts Festival, Courtenay, BC (workshop & performance)
March 26 2016- A Day of Hip Hop Engagement, Quest University, Squamish, BC (workshop & performance)

Explanation: In Casual Living, a collaborative performance, I take on the role of hip hop educator and foster an environment that seeks to activate the joys of exploring hip hop, the strength of experiencing something new and the empowerment of realising your own creative potential.

Casual living attempts to veer away from the traditional/ passive hip hop performance by stimulating involvement, participation, and reaction by confronting audiences with an alternate view of hip hop (doing rather than consuming). The intention is to evoke the origins of hip hop culture as a community building force. The project is a reflection of my arts community and was conceived with local artists Zayn Wiwchar and Misha Elkin while sharing neighbouring studios at the Ministry of Casual Living, an artist run centre in Victoria, B.C.

Myself and the other facilitators, Wiwchar and Elkin, began in a workshop mode with short demos. We then employed different methods to slowly get participants to give it a try. The event culminated in a live hip hop performance that involved everyone. Casual Living is half workshop, half performance act. It is best understood as an interactive hip hop installation.