To Tell the Goof



To Tell the Goof, Playdate Remote, Performance Event, The Center For Everything, Online and Helsinki, Finland (Online Interactive Game Show)

On April 4th, 2020 I contributed To Tell the Goof, to Playdate Remote, a remote event hosted by Center for Everything, Helsinki’s immersive theatre company. To Tell the Goof is a panel game show hosted on Zoom. Participants were presented with three contestants, all who claim to possess the same unusual identity. The goal is to determine who the real goof is.

This game offered a playful mode of social engagement to a diverse crowd of participants and invited conversations that ranged widely, from tacos and winter apparel to UN peacekeeping efforts and US politics. This game was inspired by a desire to empower a friend who was feeling socially isolated by the pandemic (he played the goof).

The event was mentioned in Helsingin Sanomat.