Harold Hejazi is an artist and educator from Vancouver Island, Canada. In 2015, while working with staff to increase audience engagement at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, he developed a performance practice called ‘exhibition animation’. Exhibition animation, simply defined, implies an exhibition in the state of being brought to life.

Since that time he has continued to develop this practice, creating games and participatory performances in collaboration with museums and art galleries in order to encourage different ways of engaging with art. Hejazi’s work pursues a performance angle that fosters educational outcomes and inspires critical thinking around issues and ideas that span a broad spectrum of social life: from race and class, to social memory and interpersonal dynamics.  

In 2017, Hejazi was one of six students admitted into the MA programme in Live Art and Performance Studies at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland. Since beginning his graduate studies he has delved deeper into the mediums of immersive and game performances and began developing museum games in a European context. His current research involves expanding the field of live art by incorporating game design in order to both enable wider audiences and to explore different ways of connecting with and participating in live art.

Contact: hejaziharold@gmail.com