Through Tunnels by Lantern Light- Kekrikertomuksia


Through Tunnels by Lantern Light- Kekrikertomuksia, “Viaporin Kekri 2019” Festival, Suomenlinna, Finland (choose-your-own shadow puppet adventure game)

Performances: November 1-2, 2019

In the autumn of 2019, I created a choose-your-own shadow puppet adventure through the forbidden Caponier Blomcreutz tunnels of Suomenlinna as part of Viaporin Kekri Festival. In the game, the shadows casted by a participant’s lantern influenced the outcome of events and the progression of the story. Dressed in a traditional Kekripukki costume, the stories I told shed light on the little-known traditions surrounding the Finnish harvest festival and sought to revitalize interest in local heritage.